“Real Life Forrest Gump” Just Completed 2,500 Mile Run Across USA.

Adam Kimble is an 29-yr-old ultra-marathoner from the Minooka, Illinois. On February 15th, Adam set out from Huntington Beach, CA on a trans-continental track that would take him through 8 states all the way to Savannah, GA.

Videographer Charlie Kaye has captured the entire thing on camera.

Adam has partnered with the non-profit organization impossible2Possible – a nonprofit dedicated to empowering youth to reach beyond their limits, and to use adventure to educate, inspire and empower youth all over the world.

As of today (April 14th) Adam is only one day away from his goal, currently just 50 or so miles east of the Atlantic Ocean in Georgia.

[UPDATE: Adam reached the Atlantic ahead of schedule the afternoon of April 14th! He and his team celebrated well.  The journey lasted a total of 8 weeks, 3 days]

Kaye plans to make a feature length documentary film of the epic run.  You can check out their GoFundMe for more details on the run and anticipated film.

To commemorate and raise awareness for his adventure, Kimble and Kaye decided to create a real-life video of the ever nostalgic character of Forrest Gump in the video below! And the resemblance is striking: beard, accent, and all!

You’re gonna love it.  Share and spread some real-life inspiration!

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