She Was Pulled Over For A Traffic Violation. What The Cop Did To Her Child Made Her Grab The Camera

Interactions with police officers can be anything from nerve wracking to downright scary. This is because we often only interact with officers when there is a major problem or when we were caught doing something wrong and are soon to face the consequences of those actions.

Especially with all of the negative publicity surrounding police officers these days, it is no wonder that there are plenty of people who are uneasy being around the police.

This little girl named Bailey was absolutely terrified of the entire interaction when her mother was stopped for a minor traffic violation. The young girl was not able to fully understand what was happening, and the site of a police officer left her to assume that something bad was happening or that they were in trouble.

Despite trying to calm her down and even offering her candy, this responding officer was not able to calm the poor girl down. He explains how what happened next truly surprised him.

“After several minutes of trying, Bailey jumped straight out of her mother’s arms, and literally surprised me by launching herself into my arms! She never even touched the ground haha! Her mom immediately said, ‘oh! That’s picture worthy!!”


Picture worthy it is! Little Bailey even grew comfortable enough to take a tour of the police car, and to see all the buttons and contraptions that it contained. The officer explained that he understood the little girl’s initial fear, and took no personal offense.



“We know people are nervous, and often scared, when we’re around, but we’re human too, and we love to have those moments where we can interact with people like this!”


With all the attention that police officers get in media these days, it warms our hearts to see feel good stories like this.


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