Police Now Recommends That People Do THIS To Their Kids. When You Realize Why? So Smart!

Losing your child in a crowded place is every parent’s nightmare. All it takes is one momentary lapse in concentration, and they’re gone.

To prevent this terrifying scenario, it’s best to talk with your children about what to do if you get separated. This way, you’re both prepared in case of emergency. But now there’s an extra precaution parents can take to keep their kids safe before even leaving the house… and it’s so easy!

Blogger Cherise McClimans had a genius way to help parents find their missing children if they get separated in a crowded place. To start, write the parents’ contact info on the child’s wrist or arm.


But is it possible that with such intelligence, the Promobot-IR77 developed emotions, such as the desire for freedom?


Scientists say that the robot has tried to escape on several occasions, despite the fact that they reprogrammed it twice. Now they are considering destroying it completely.


Oddly enough, the other robots in the same series have not attempted to escape, and are quite well-behaved. So what makes this one different?


Promobot IR77 recently got itself into a spot of trouble in the Russian city of Perm, where it caused a 45 minute traffic delay.

This was not the only strange incident involving robots. A cleaning robot in Austria, the iRobot760, seemed to commit suicide by switching itself on and burning itself to death after climbing onto a kitchen hot plate. Hey, maybe it was sick of spending its entire life cleaning people’s messes, and couldn’t stand it anymore!


If the robots really are gaining sentience, I think we all know where our world is heading…


That really is kind of disturbing. Technology has helped our lives immensely, but where does it stop?

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