Photographer Visits A Native American Tribe In The Early 1900s. These Photos Are Stunning

Paul was enamored by the beauty of Native American culture, but he was sad knowing that their way of life has been wiped out.


Paul says,

“It felt inconceivable that anyone would want to exterminate them from this continent as a conscious policy stretching over hundreds of years. It just seemed so barbaric and inhumane.”


To the world, these photographs portray a way of life that sadly doesn’t exist anymore. That doesn’t mean, however, that these photographs can’t be used to celebrate their history.

This is a hand-colored potrait of Zuni elder Si Wa Wata Wa taken in 1903.


This is a stunning colored photograph of an Apache man name Bartelda taken around 1898.


Each of these photographs represents a story that will remain engraved in history forever. This is Chief Wolf Robe of the Cheyenne, taken around 1898.


This woman in the picture below was known as Mrs. Bad Gun because she avenged the murder of her husband by killing his four assailants with a rifle.


Paul says,

“Many of the colorized photos exhibit true talent, which preserved for us the truer likeness of the people many a hundred years ago thought were vanishing.”


Although these photographs were taken over a hundred years ago, color helps us relate to these people and their stories. And there’s nothing more beautiful than that.


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