People Are Actually Drilling Holes In Their iPhone 7s For The ‘Secret’ Headphone Jack

Searching for something to legitimize your disdain for mankind? Well, look no further! After Apple revealed the new iPhone 7 and the removal of the earphone jack got the image treatment, infamous YouTuber TechRax, known for his supportive instructional exercises on why you shouldn’t drop your iPhone in lava and the like, released an accommodating instructional exercise for those that didn’t care for the way that they couldn’t connect their standard 3.5mm earphones to and needed to utilize the $159 Apple AirPods.

Obviously, the video is nothing more than a joke, right? No one can possibly see this and think it’s real, can they? Well…







As of this writing, nearly over 80,000 people have disliked the video, indicating to many that among the troll posts are more than a handful of people that legitimately tried to drill a headphone jack into their brand new iPhone 7.

Apple fans have a history of falling for absurd advice from the internet, most recently being the iOS7 ‘waterproofing’ update…


And soon after that, the iOS 8 microwave recharging feature…


While the first two pranks had malicious intent, TechRax made it pretty obvious that his video was a joke and even played the music with the headphones ‘plugged in’ at the end, which ended up coming through the speakers.One poster summed up how we all feel about this:

One poster summed up how we all feel about this:


Source: Distractify


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