Parents Will Be Forced To PAY If Their Child Bullies At School


The victims of bullying can be verbally, physically or emotionally assaulted and are often threatened and made to feel frightened. Bullying should not be viewed as an unfortunate but unavoidable part of school life.

The sad thing is that bullying only seems to be getting worse as today’s technology, allows bullying to continue well past the school grounds.

When the school bell rings, the taunts and teasing doesn’t stop there, in fact it continues for 24 hours a day. Bullies will continue to torment their victims online through social media giving them no absolutely no escape.

But now, as parents will have to cough up and pay the price for their kids brutal behaviour, will this put a stp to bullying once and for all?

Sadly, due the increased number of bullying cases, suicide levels have rose dramatically in teens in recent years as victims feel they can no longer continue their lives after the non-stop taunting drives them over the edge.

While this problem has been escalating, people have finally realized that we cannot continue like this and have come up with a new way to try and stop this happening in our schools.


After many different attempts to try and stop bullying in schools, it seems nothing so far has stopped cruel kids from hurting their classmates. This has led many to question the reasons why kids bully?  Are some people simply born to be bullies? Is it a biological factor, is aggression and cruelty hardwired into their brain?

Or do people become bullies as a consequence of external factors such as their upbringing, family life and behaviour of their parents?

Well, education regulations in Wisconsin have recently changed. Officials seem to be suggesting that the possible cause for bullying lies in the hands of the parents.

As such, they’ve recently passed new regulations to fine parents $366 if their child is found bullying other students. A second offence within one year would result in a $681 fine.

The city hope that this will dramatically decrease the number of bullying cases in their schools. The message to parents is crystal clear: you will be punished for the actions of your children.

With that said, the town is also hoping that this fine will also help encourage parents to begin an immediate dialog with their children since many parents are completely unaware that their child is engaging in bullying behaviour.

Watch the video below for the full story and let us know what you think about this very controversial new law. Do you think the city is right to punish parents for the actions of their children?

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