Owner Documents His Dog’s Fruitless Attempts To Hang On To The Last Patch Of Snow

The onslaught of summer heat has likely made most of us wax nostalgic about the chilly temperatures of winter. On a steamy summer day, nothing sounds better than jumping into a pile of icy snow — which, incidentally, is exactly why snow cones were invented.

One particular dog is especially sympathetic to those of us who are fervently missing the winter season.

One Redditor posted a photo series of his big, black dog (unsuccessfully) attempting to enjoy the last pile of winter snow amid the steadily rising temperatures. As the snow pile slowly disintegrates, so does this dog’s faith in the universe.

All this pup wants to do is guard this last mound of snow.


After all, it’s the one cool place in the yard during this period of seasonal change!


However, despite his best efforts, his coveted snow pile slowly begins to thaw …


… Because all good things must come to an end in this cruel life! *Sob* 


Hang in there, snow! You can do it!


The dog wonders if perhaps he’s just slowly getting bigger? 


No. This beautiful snow pile is slowly, but surely, dwindling. 


“Can anyone save my snow??”


At this point, the pup doesn’t even want to lay on what is left of his beloved pile, lest he smother it completely. 


And then one day, the snow was gone. Hearts were broken. Tears were shed. 


Hopefully someone will explain to this woeful pup that summertime can actually be just as fun as wintertime. Or better yet, perhaps this cool-loving canine simply needs to find himself a swimming pool.

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