One-of-a-kind dwelling looks funky, but opening the doors reveals the magic

Eco-friendly tiny homes come in all shapes and sizes, but occasionally one comes along that truly breaks the mold. One such dwelling, dubbed Underhill, is an eco-cave home in Waikato, New Zealand, which was planned and created by Graham Hannah. The tiny home movement has sparked a revolution of people looking to have their living space make a smaller environmental impact.  Hannah isn’t someone who’s just looking to jump on the tiny home and sustainability bandwagon. He’s been at the wheel for a while according to the interview below with Bryce Langston ofLiving Big in a Tiny House.

Hannah informs Langston that he has considered Underhill his “project of love over probably 40 years.” The small home was planned to be completely off the grid, and furthermore, it doesn’t even use solar panels. No electricity means candlelit evenings and peacefully dark soaks in the outdoor bathtub. High quality materials and construction provide a warm, luxurious feel. Langston mentions in an article from Living Big in a Tiny House that Hannah’s daughter now owns the Underhill land, and that the small cave home and all the eco-friendly amenities are now being used as a bed-and-breakfast for others to enjoy.

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