An Old Dog Went Straight To A Shelter After His Owner Died. Then They Started Cutting His Hair…

We all know one fact – seniors dogs are regularly disregarded in the shelter since they’re not as “playful” as puppies seem to be. We know this isn’t true, and how about we not deny the way that senior puppies are typically calm, quiet and they love to live a peaceful life. This was what volunteers feared when Scooby came along. Scooby is a senior cocker spaniel mix pup who was surrendered to the shelter after his owner died.

The volunteers realized that they needed to support him and they did! As soon as he came along, Hollywood Rescue Grooming stepped in to give him an amazing transformation, and boy does he look adorable! This pup is currently in a preparation project to help inmates in prison. Along with Scooby, Hollywood Rescue Grooming transformed 56 dogs and all of them found their forever loving homes!

Take a look at Scooby’s transformation here

Yes, every dog deserves a second chance. Every dog deserves a forever loving home. every dog deserves love! Share if you agree!

Source: Heroviral

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