Officers Photograph Student’s American Flag, Viewers Shocked When They See What Else In Photo

A cop was out on patrol at a school grounds when something interesting hanging by a student’s apartment caught his attention.

The cop pulled over to investigate it and saw that it was the great old flag outside an understudy’s yard.

From a distance, it resembled a normal American flag, however close-up there was something one of a kind about it. A blue line was the place one of the white lines ought to be in honor and backing of law requirement, reports US Herald.

The officer immediately snapped a picture of the flag with three college boys from Ohio State University Wooster standing underneath it.


The cop shared the patriotic photo on the Ohio Going Blue Facebook page and it instantly went viral.

“I have not personally seen anything like this on a college campus before, so this is too awesome not to share,” read the Facebook post. “Loving the thin blue line flag AND the blue porch light!”

Facebook users went wild over the picture and even managed to identify the three college students as Noah Adams, Seth Curl and Massimo F. Asturi.

It was later shared on the Facebook page, Support Police Officers, garnering over 8.2K likes and over 1K shares.

Sources: AmericanowUS Herald, Support Police Officers/Facebook / Photo credit: Facebook

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