Nick Cannon Just Challenged Eminem To A Rap Battle And These Are The Stakes

Eminem is ostensibly one of the best rappers ever. Scratch Cannon has made an open declaration saying that he needs to challenge the praised rapper in a rap fight. In a late meeting with Tim Westwood, Cannon uncovered that he needed to partake in a rap fight with Eminem.

Be that as it may, this fight isn’t only all playing around. Gun says the two would bet $100,000! He additionally noticed that while he will fight anybody, he truly needs to go up against the best. All Cannon asks is that his rival set up the same measure of money too.


He explained that he would take on anyone that would accept the challenge. So if Eminem declines, he might still have an opponent. He admitted during the radio show that he has even approached other rappers in the industry, but said they turned him down. Regardless, Cannon said he is hoping that Eminem is the one that steps up to the plate.

The rap battle would be for a good cause, too, as all the winnings would be donated to a children’s hospital.


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