This New Scam Could Put Your ATM Codes At Risk. Here’s How To Protect Yourself

If you’ve ever lost your purse or wallet, then you’re probably all too familiar with that sinking feeling and the almost immediate realization that you’ve now got to call the bank and cancel all your debit/credit cards. It’s a scary idea knowing that someone could use those things against you and ruin your credit as well as your finances in general. Did you know that now there’s a way forthieves to access your private information without even physically laying a hand on your stuff?

Using a small device that converts cell phone cameras into infrared scanners, scammers can now use the heat from your hands to figure out which buttons you pressed for your PIN code. Once they have four numbers to work with instead of 10, the mathematical odds of finding the right combination of those four numbers increases exponentially. Slightly more clever scammers can even use the heat signature to roughly determine the order in which the numbers were pressed.

Luckily, there’s a simple solution: when pressing in your key codes, just rest your fingers gently along some of the other buttons on the keypad. This creates a confusing thermal signature that makes guessing the right numbers dramatically harder for a potential thief.

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