New NASA Photos Show ‘Mind-Blowing’ Proof Of Alien Activity

NASA have released previously unseen images of the Apollo moon landings. Within them UFO spotters have uncovered proof of Alien activity. In the corner of one of the pictures there are three glimmering lights, showing “mind-blowing” evidence of extra-terrestrial life.

Scott C. Waring – Alien Hunter

Scott is one of the leading figures in the search for Aliens. He was the first to see a “UFO with dangling arms looking towards the Apollo lander”and came up with the theory that the Apollo 17 mission was accompanied to the moon by a craft of “alien technology at its finest”.


A close up of NASAs latest photo


Mr waring says “The UFO looks metallic and even seems to have a window facing the Apollo team.” He can’t believe that “NASA doesn’t just cave in from the massive amount of evidence the public is posting. All evidence points to this being 100 per cent real, guys. No doubts here.”

Well we trust you Scot the evidence is obviously ‘Mind-Blowing’

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