Neighbors Stand In Shock When They Realize A Group Of Teens Did THIS To Their Property

When you live in a state like Colorado, you can expect a very snowy winter. In the video below, watch the story of six incredible teenagers who decided to pay it forward by pulling off an epic neighborhood surprise.

After several feet of freshly fallen snow had collected on the ground, Nick and his friends spent their morning shoveling driveways, stoops, sidewalks, and walkways for an entire neighborhood, then quickly made their escape before the homeowners woke up. They left notes on the doors that simply said, “You got served.” When the homeowners awoke, they expected to see tons of snow piled on their properties. Instead, they saw their cleanly shoveled sidewalks. They were blown away by the strangers’ gesture of kindness.

In the end, Nick and his friends had shoveled snow for 53 properties! They didn’t want credit, praise or even financial rewards — all they wanted was to enjoy the snow banks and have fun outside after a morning of hard work.

This is what kindness and selflessness is all about — and you just never know where you’ll find it next! If this story touched your heart, please SHARE it with your friends on Facebook!

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