They Moved Away And Left Their Dog Crying At The Door. But Moments Later… Oh My.

A little dog sat crying at his home wondering why the door wouldn’t open. Little did he know, the door would never open again. His owners had moved away and left the dog behind.

But a neighbor saw the dog and said, “My neighbor moved out this morning and left This poor dog behind its been crying and scratching the door, I cannot afford to keep it anybody willing to rehome”

The post took on a life of its own and garnered the attention of many Facebookers.

It was a woman named Shirley Martindale-Horner who first arrived at the home. She picked the dog up and took him to the groomer.


The dog-without-a-name experienced his first human contact since being abandoned at the only home he knew.


Shortly after the grooming session, this photo was posted. How adorable!


Thanks to the power of social media, the dog (now named Aubrey), received love, found new friends, and even found a new home.


Shirley said that after Aubrey’s trip to the groomer, he’d never have to worry about a closed door again; she was taking him home with her, where the door would always be open.

What an amazing outcome to such a sad beginning. It’s great to see Aubrey in good hands. :)

[h/t The Dodo]

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