Mother Transforms Her Adorable Children With Gorgeous Fairy Tale Costumes

Rozwadowska uses the combination of settings and costumes to create dreamy, magical photos that look like a storybook come to life.


But she’s practical, too, as both parents and artists have to be.

“I generally use the cheapest fabric I can get,” she admits freely. “I also try to choose a location for the photo shoots near to my home, usually within 20 kilometers.”


And she’s also considerate of her kids. After all, posing for a long shoot is hard when you’re only 3 like Barbara!

“A photo session lasts no longer than 15 to 20 minutes,” Rozwadowska explains. “When it comes to my daughter… five to six minutes MUST be sufficient.”


And the magic of her photos comes from how natural they feel. That’s because Rozwadowska, when photographing, simply lets her kids do what comes naturally.

“I never pose my kids,” she says, instead choosing to let them tell their own stories while she snaps photos.


And it seems that they’re naturals! Barbara just lights up in front of the camera.


Rozwadowska’s beautiful photos have a magical, timeless quality, and they’re sure to be treasured for a long time.


And despite her busy life as a working mother, Rozwadowska finds that her creative outlets actually give her more energy than they take away. “My head is full of ideas for the next pictures,” she says. “If only a day was longer.”

You can see more of her photos, as well as her adorable kids’ clothing designs, on her website and on Facebook.

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