Mother Notices Something Strange Taped To Diapers After Getting Home – Can’t Believe What It Is (Photos)

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A mom ran to the grocery store to get a bag of diapers and noticed a note on it. She thought someone taped a coupon onto the bag and rushed to the register with it. When she removed the note, she couldn’t believe what she found on it.

Aman Da Elle told her friends on social media that the note she found read, “From one parent to another.” Beneath the note was a $20 bill.

“It moved me to tears,” said Da Elle. “On my way out of the store, I told the manager what happened, and he said I was about the fifth person to tell him so.”

Da Elle has a message for the anonymous gifter: “I just want you to know it couldn’t have come at a better time. I was feeling overwhelmed and overlooked and you made me feel so special and I’ll always be so grateful for it. Merry Christmas!”

There are so many kind and caring people in the world, they just don’t get enough attention.

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Source: The Heartful, Newsiosity
Photo: Mad World News, Facebook/KING 5

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