The mother dog gets an infusion, so she can vomit. What then comes out, shocks the vet.

In the middle of the night, the animal rights activists from ‘Hope for Paws’ get a call. A stray pit bull dog has given birth to a litter of puppies in a garden. With the help of the neighbors, everyone gets to work. Initially, the bitch shyly flees from the humans but when they crowd around her, she suddenly becomes very quiet.


Carefully, they take the puppies out of the dip, where they were born. Out of the five, only four are still alive.


After the rescue, Lexus (the mama dog) and her four surviving puppies are taken to the vet. After a bath, Lexus begins to whine and, with a sad expression, then lays a paw on her rescuer’s lap.


An X-ray examination reveals that she has a bottle cap stuck in her stomach. The foreign object can cause hemorrhaging in the stomach, which could end up killing Lexus. She is given an infusion, which forces Lexus to throw up the foreign object. In this case, an operation would have been too dangerous.


The medications take immediate effect and Lexus, already feeling quite tired and drained, is able to empty the contents of her stomach.


And the bottle cap comes out with it! Fortunately, after it was discovered, they could establish that no harm was caused.


Lexus and her puppies were taken to the animal shelter, where they are recovering from the stress of the whole episode and are now waiting for a caring family to take them in. What was a litter of scared puppies, has now become a pack of healthy, adorable dogs.


You can watch the entire rescue in this video:


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