Mother’s Teen Daughter Sends Hysterical Texts As She Tries To Buy Tampons For The 1st Time

It is really safe to say, each lady can recall the first time when that they got their period.

Regardless of how old you were then and are currently, that day can be remembered vividly. If you were the last of all of your friends to get your period, you most likely spent months pondering what it would resemble.

In the event that you were the main individual to get your period, it was terrifying. No companion was there to let you know it’s not as terrible as it sounds, or perhaps for you, it was 10 times more regrettable than it sounds.

Maybe you were lucky and your period as a child wasn’t all that bad and it got worse as you got older, so you weren’t exactly scarred for life. Unless your parents made you get your own tampons and pads.

There is something so inherently embarrassing about putting your tampons and pads on the checkout counter, even though there really shouldn’t be. Periods are old news. We’ve all had them, it’s natural!

But that feeling comes years later, not when you are 13 and trying to find tampons. I completely understand why Belinda Hankins’ daughter panicked.


When Belina Hankins sent her 13-year-old daughter Isabella into the grocery store to buy tampons, this mom thought she was giving her daughter a bit of freedom.


But instead, her daughter was immediately confused and lost. She could not find tampons anywhere, and looking at her all-caps texting, she was panicking right away.


Belinda tried to be helpful, but she also had a little fun answering her daughter’s frantic messages.


This mother-daughter exchange has been shared thousands of times on Facebook after Belinda shared it on her personal page with this caption:

“THIS was the highlight of my parenting week. Sending my 13-year-old daughter into the store for (whispers) ‘feminine hygiene products,’ and having the following text exchange. I died, she gave me life, I died again. And she drew an illustration, on the spot, ON HER PHONE, to drive her point home.”


I’ve got to say, after Isabella actually finds the tampons, I respect that as a 13-year-old she is willing to call out all of the men who are afraid of periods and anything related to them.


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