Mom Spots Woman on Side of Road—When She Sees Her Face, She Texts Her Daycare Immediately

A few Sundays back, Brittney Nichols was driving along when she noticed a woman walking to church in her best Sunday clothes with a Bible in hand. When she noticed it was her 2-year-old daughter’s daycare worker Christy Owens, she grabbed her phone immediately to text Owens’ boss and see if she had any means of transportation.

“I felt like God spoke within me to inquire about her transportation,” said Brittney. “Long story short, Christy did not own a vehicle and had never had the opportunity to own one or get a driver’s license…”

Over the course of the next few weeks, Brittney secretly raised money, and with the help of the community, she just knocked Owens breathless with a surprise that left both women in buckets of tears! Watch the video below to see how the rest of their beautiful story unfolds.


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