Mom Is Pregnant With Quadruplets. When She Gives Birth And Sees Their Faces, She’s STUNNED!

Josh and Miranda Crawford are both are nurses and have always wanted to have three of four children. In order to conceive their first daughter they used IVF and then one year later they turned to IVF again. This time doctors transferred two embryos into her uterus and six weeks later, the couple got the news they were having twins! As if that wasn’t enough four days later they were told they were having quadruplets!

When she gave birth an even greater miracle occurred!

Watch the video below:

Yes she gave birth to two sets of identical twins. When she was implanted with two different embryos; each one split to form two pairs. Amazing.

“Embryo splitting occurs approximately in one out of 100 embryo transfers. The chance of this outcome is approximately one in 10,000. This could also occur in a natural conception, but the chance of that is much rarer,” Dr. James Grifo said.

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