These Twins Share The Same Mom But After She Notices One’s Face Looks Eerily Different From The Other

19 years prior, Ramona was pregnant with identical twin boys. Before she gave birth, doctors saw one of the children suffered a condition so uncommon that they gave her the choice to end him.

Eventually, Ramona chose to proceed with both pregnancies, and Hadin and Gabriel were born.

Gabriel was born with Pierre Robin Syndrome, an uncommon condition in which the lower jaw is twisted and the tongue is situated further back in the mouth than regular. This can bring about breathing and feeding difficulties, and a cleft palate.

Because he looked so vastly different from Hadin and the other kids at school, Gabriel was the subject of constant bullying. He never liked taking photographs. Hadin played the role of protective brother, often fighting with other classmates on Gabriel’s behalf.

Even Ramona was ridiculed. “Someone came and told me I must have drank a lot during pregnancy because he had a clef palate,” she says.

Despite the physical and psychological hardships, Gabriel has developed an incredible outlook on life and, over time,  a strong and inspiring sense of self-confidence.

But now, after nearly 20 years of looking different, Gabriel has undergone groundbreaking surgery to make him look identical to his twin brother…

Ramona delivered identical twin boys in 1997. Knowing one of the boys had a rare condition, doctors gave her the option to terminate his pregnancy. Ramona refused.


While Hadin was born healthy, Gabriel was born with Pierre Robin Syndrome. This meant his lower jaw did not form properly, causing him breathing issues and discomfort. He also looked staggeringly different from his twin brother.


Gabriel faced bullying and ridicule from his peers, but Hadin was always by his side defending him. Hadin has never been one to shy away from confrontation if his brother is under attack.


But now, after 19 years of looking drastically different from Hadin, Gabriel has undergone plastic surgery to have his jaw expanded. Gabriel says the transformation has already had a positive impact on his life.


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