Miranda Lambert Abruptly Halts Concert Mid-Song, Can’t Hold Back Tears When She Sees Soldier’s Sign.

This previous weekend, two-time Grammy victor Miranda Lambert was giving a show in Hartford, Connecticut when something she found in the group left her speechless. Lambert was halfway through her 2011 “Tune of the Year” hit “The House That Built Me” when she saw somebody in the group of onlookers holding a sign. The sign read “3 battle visits… Your voice was the exact opposite thing I heard each night. Much obliged to you.” The blue grass music star separated in tears.

A trooper in the group was holding the sign; he and his most loved vocalist were both overpowered with feeling when the sign got her attention, and Lambert had the sign raised in front of an audience so she could demonstrate the gathering of people.

Lambert tried to continue with the concert, but she was overwhelmed with emotion. “I can’t do it!” she says to the audience. “Sing the verse! I gotta get a drink.” The audience applauds for both Lambert and the hero who made her sign, then they mercifully take over the song for her, singing while she nods and wipes her eyes.

A fan in the audience caught the emotional moment on camera and posted the video to twitter:

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Source: Inspiremore

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