Mini Fedoras For Man Buns Now Exist, Apparently

The man bun – or the topknot as it is generally known – is conceived of a style atmosphere in which the rules have fundamentally been torn up. Nineties nerds got to be noughties geeks, then individuals really began wearing T-shirts which said “geek” on them – and now men are becoming out a patch of their hair keeping in mind the end goal to tie it in a bun on the highest point of their head.

As if that wasn’t ridiculous enough, said man buns now require beautifying. A pencil? Too bookish. Chopsticks? Excessively oriental. How about we just create some miniature hats instead? As per a Seattle blog, this is the most recent menswear trend found in the city and it “effectively joins the best of contemporary styles in hair and caps for young fellows.”


Here at Viral Thread, we work in a painfully trendy area of London. However, having not been actually been to Shoreditch for about a week now, I must be completely out of the loop. While there appears to have been an amount of Photoshop involved in the picture above, I wouldn’t be surprised if I were to return to Shoreditch and discover that everyone is wearing hats on their man buns.

God bless America.

Source: Viralthread

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