Man Tries To Put Out Olympic Flame With Fire Extinguisher… Guess What Happens Next?

The 2016 Summer Olympics is being held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil and the sporting competition has spent a lot of time in the media. Although the Olympics usually create a lot of excitement and positive publicity for the country hosting the games, some Brazilians are doing their best to sabotage the games.

In fact, there are Brazilians who are protesting everything and anything that is associated with the summer games. While the torch was passing through Joinville, Brazil a man ran up to the torch carrier and attempted to extinguish the flame with a fire extinguisher.


The white cloud ended up covering many of the people in the area, but the flame was still burning bright. Not only did the man fail his attempt to douse the flame, but he was also tackled to the ground for his actions.

While the man was being tackled, the group of men look back but continue the torch relay. Another man comes out from the side with an unlit torch and approaches the flame so that the relay can continue.


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