Man Tells His Pet Parrot They Have To See The Vet. The Parrot Then Throws A Hilarious Tantrum.

Taking a pet to the vet’s office is the worst. It’s terrible for just about everybody included. Your pet is scared and perhaps wiped out as it may be, then they get blasted with this sensory overload of new things. They’ll see and smell all kinds of other animals, whether they want to or not.

Even getting them to the vet is a hassle. Numerous animals are magnificent at pattern recognition. Like when your dog sees you going towards where you keep the chain and goes crazy, or when your feline hears the can opener and comes running. Much similarly, pets by one means or another frequently appear to know when they’re heading off to the vet. So now you’re pursuing your pet all around the house attempting to get them in the auto.

The cockatoo in this video is just like that. His name is Max and he doesn’t care for trips to the vet. When Max notices the telltale signs of an impending car ride, he sprints to hide underneath a shelf and then throws a legendary tantrum.

The first half of the video, Max sounds like he’s reciting an incantation designed to ward off the cameraman. He vocalizes similar sounds over and over, presumably trying to outlast his owner.

Then, Max comes out from under the shelf and changes his tone completely. Now he sounds like he’s really giving the owner a piece of his mind. He stomps his feet and paces back and forth in protest, but to no avail.

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H/T: wimp, angeleyedboidan

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