The man takes in the stray dog. After a few days, he can hardly believe his eyes.

There are only a few dog breeds that evoke such differing opinions, and pit bulls are among them. Some love them, some hate them, and some are afraid of them. In any case, it is almost impossible to come face-to-face with one of these dogs and feel no emotion whatsoever.

One day Jon, a New Yorker, went for a walk with his own dog, Demo, when he literally stumbled upon an abandoned pit bull puppy on his way through Brooklyn. Jon was initially very nervous and didn’t know if the two dogs would get along, but they hit it off straight away!


Since no one in his neighborhood seemed to know the stray dog, Jon took him back home. He called him Brinks and began searching for his owners with the help of notice boards and advertisements. After a month, no one came forward to claim Brinks and Jon just knew that fate had bestowed the dog with the scrunched up nose on him. Brinks became the newest member of the family and an integral part of Jon’s life. Jon became quickly aware of something quite unique about his new puppy: The second Brinks felt happy, he would grin and smile just like a human!


His very sweet and radiant smile has turned him into a real celebrity. He and his rescuer now have over 21,000 fans on Instagram.


Brinks’s happy nature has a contagious effect on Jon: “The most amazing thing is how Brinks grins like a human frequently in response to situations he enjoys,” Jon said. “He smiles for treats, he smiles when you greet him in the morning and when he’s sleeping. He grins when he rides in the car, when he lies in the sun (or in front of the fire) and whenever he generally seems happy.”


Judging by his grin, it would seem Brinks is always happy when he is in Jon’s company. It’s now been 12 years since he found his new family. So actually, he is now rather an elderly gentleman. But not even a visit to the vet could spoil his good mood.


It’s good to know that such loving natures can be found in all kinds of beings – no matter whether they are human or animal. It is simply impossible not to be affected by the charm of this happy dog. One thing’s for sure: Ever since knowing Jon, Brinks has never lost his contagious grin!

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