Man has pizza delivered to check on Grandma after hurricane, driver says “Her face was priceless!”

At the point when Claire Olsen’s grandson couldn’t contact her after tropical storm Matthew, the innovative young fellow set a pizza conveyance from more than 1000 miles away. Papa John’s pizza in Florida was more than a little surprised to see a delivery order come through from Nebraska. When they realized what the client’s actual needs were, the pizzeria was glad to offer assistance. Delivery driver Lance Tyler told ABC News “Her expression was just priceless. It was like, ‘Wow!’”

When Tyler initially thumped on her door, 87-year-old Claire was hesitant to answer. “He knocked on the door and said ‘Delivery.’ I said, ‘I didn’t order anything.’ He says, ‘Your grandson did,’” Claire told ABC.

There were special instructions on the delivery box asking the driver to call a Nebraska phone number. “The way that he answered the phone, ‘Is she there? Is she OK?’ It sounded like he was worried,” said Tyler.

Claire lost access to her phone during the storm. “(My grandson said) ‘Grandma, I haven’t talked to you in two days. I got worried about you. You must be hungry by now.” Her phone has since be reconnected and she’s started contacting other family members to let them know she’s OK.

Source: Nicerdays

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