When this man heard something scurrying in his toilet he never expected what was crawling up

A recent post on Reddit helped confirm everyone’s deepest fears about going to the bathroom.

Yes, rats can go up there, and they may be quite terrifying in the process.

Rats and toilets…I didn’t know it could actually happen! One of my biggest fears as a child.

Reddit user cecebird posted a photo sent to him by an uncle, showing the world what happened after the uncle heard a strange noise in the bathroom.

After hotel maintenance was alerted, they came to investigate and discovered a giant rat stuck in the toilet.

“I would check out immediately! If it happened once, it could happen again,” cecebird wrote of the event.

Though he has yet to corroborate the story with a name and location of the hotel, cecebird claims that the enormous death rat was found in a hotel in the United States.

Sweet dreams.

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