Jackson Is Fed Up With The Neighborhood Bullies, So He Paints The House In Every Color As Revenge

The Westboro Baptist Church is known for its scorn discourse against the LGBT people group, Jews, Christians, Muslims, and so forth — pretty much any individual who dislike them. Individuals can even be discovered picketing the funerals of U.S. warriors.

Aaron Jackson is the co-founder of Planting Peace, a philanthropy which supports rainforest protection and orphanages around the world. In 2013, Jackson chose to accomplish something to help the a great many children who submit suicide due to harassing over LGBT issues. So he came up with the idea to transform an otherwise ordinary house into a home that represents equality for all.

When Jackson heard there was a house available to be purchased opposite the Westboro Baptist Church home office in Topeka, KS, his association purchased it on the spot for $81,000.

Jackson was hard-pressed to find any painters who would take on the controversial job, until a military veteran and contractor stepped up to the plate. “I don’t like them [Westboro] messing with veterans,” he told the Topeka Capitol-Journal.

Thousands of people have stopped by the “Equality House” to take photos and marvel at the brightly colored siding. The house sticks out like a sore thumb in the neighborhood. Jackson says he didn’t paint the house to offend anyone, but to show that hate can be trumped by love.

To this day, the Gay Pride colors can be seen from the Westboro Baptist Church windows.

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Source: Littlethings

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