Man Asks Cat “Did You Eat Your Veggies?”. You Won’t Believe How She Reacts! LOL!

One of the most common practices in the world of photography is editing. Just about every professional picture we see has been tweaked in some way through image editing software. While that may not be too surprising to hear about photos, did you know the same concept can be applied to videos as well?

In this post, we’re going to show you an example of some insane video editing. It’s a 13 second clip that is so well edited, you may actually believe it’s real.

In the clip, the video editor, Aaron, asks his cat, Micah, if she ate her veggies. Micah immediately responds with a hilariously guilty looking face. As the camera turns toward Aaron, Micah proceeds to make a quick getaway. We see her jump into an empty bucket and slowly yet comically make a descend into hiding.

You simply need to see the clip in order to appreciate how funny and well edited it truly is. Check it out below.


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