They Made Fun Of His Home And His Lack Of Money. What His Neighbors Do Out Of The Blue? UNIMAGINABLE

Some of the stories that you may hear of neighbors helping each other out in small communities are so wonderful, and really show that people still do care for one another.

That was exactly the case for 75 year old Leonard Bullock, who was sitting on his porch one day as usual when two teenagers passed by, and commented that the house looked crappy and it just needed to get burnt down.

The home did have a bad paint job, and some things falling apart with it.


Josh Cyganik lived across the street, and noticed that the old man was upset by the comments that the two teenagers made.  He said no elderly person should have to go through what those two kids said.


Josh decided to take to action. He posted on social media, asking people to come to the old man’s house Saturday to help paint it.  When he asked the man if it was okay, Josh said the look on his face was ecstatic.


With some paint that he got from a friend and more than 100 people ready to help paint, the time was ready.


Over the course of the day, the old man’s house was painted completely.  People even offered to repair the roof and porch.  Others brought refreshments and snacks.


When everything was done, the house looked brand new!  A nice brown teal color sealed the home in.


The elderly man named Leonard explained that he was never able to make the repairs because he did not have enough money to due to his fixed retired income.


Such a simple act of kindness in one day changed somebody’s life forever!


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