Little Girl Meets Her Newborn Brother. Even Mom Didn’t Expect Her To React Like THIS!

Welcoming new members to the family is no easy task. While parents are overjoyed to have another child to love, they are also not sure how well the other family members will react to the news. Pets are one big question mark, but the other big question mark is how the other kids will react. They now have to become more independent and act as a role model to their baby brother or sister.

In the video below, a little girl meets her newborn baby brother in the hospital. Mom isn’t quite sure how the little girl would greet him. While she did not think there would be anything negative, she surely did not expect the little girl to react like this.

This little girl is totally ready to be a big sister. She reaches over and pets the top of her baby brother’s head. Even though she’s only 19-months-0ld, she’s fascinated by the prospect of having a little brother to play with. Mom tells her, “he loves you,” and the little girl can’t help but exclaim “baby!” repeatedly.

My favorite moment was when the little girl leans in to kiss her baby brother. She gets close, but then she hesitates and pulls away, as if she’s not sure if this is acceptable behavior. But with reinforcement and encouragement from her parents, she gives him a kiss in the air above his face. She then hugs him some more, and my heart completely melted after seeing this.

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