Little Boy Sets Up The “Pie In The Face Game.” Now Watch The Dog Play.

The Pie Face amusement has been played at festivals for a considerable length of time, but now it is a much coveted home session of children, for birthdays and Christmas. In the VIDEO you are going to watch beneath, posted on Facebook by Lisa DiMarco, demonstrates the energized kids put a twist on this game that has them squealing with delight!

After the videoclip was viewed more than 14 million times, it has seemed everywhere throughout the web. Kids adoration to get their pets required in their most loved games, and Macky the Rottweiler is no exception! They caught Macky,who is most definitely clueless, that the goal of the game is to NOT get hit in the face with the pie.

This clever pup certainly knew that he was supposed to put his face in the hole, to join in on the fun.  What happens next, makes this Macky’s new favorite game…his goal is a little different than what humans have in mind!  Enjoy this hilarious video of this pup who finds losing this game, a most DELICIOUS MOMENT!

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Source: Sun-gazing

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