Little Bird Gets Tiny ‘Snowshoes’ To Fix Her Problem Feet


Impaired animals are now being given a chance at a normal life thanks to advances in medical technology. Sometimes, the solution just requires a little creativity. This tiny bird is the perfect example. The bird, a mockingbird, suffered an unknown injury to her knuckles, and it makes it hard for her to grasp objects, perch, or walk around.


The bird was taken to the California Wildlife Center (CWC), and her rescuers made her a pair of snowshoes! The snowshoes were made out of cardboard and tape! Her toes were taped to the cardboard in the proper position. Duane Tom, a CWC veterinarian, said that the snowshoes will help retrain her feet. 

In a couple of weeks, her feet were back to normal. Turns out that her condition is quite common in young birds. Lucky for this mockingbird, she was able to get treated, and she was released! Share away, people!

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