She Let Her Cheating Ex-Husband Keep Their House. When I Realized Her Plan… Impressive!

The end of a marriage is always difficult, but when two people break up because of infidelity, there’s an added layer of anger and pain. Suddenly, you’re forced to divide up the life you shared together, all while knowing that your spouse was unfaithful.

In such a complex situation, the person who was cheated on has two choices: bow out graciously, or find some small way to repay the hurt that their two-timing spouse caused.

This woman chose Door #2.

After 37 years of marriage, Jerald dumped his wife Catherine for his young secretary. His new girlfriend demanded that they live in the multi-million dollar home Jerald had shared with his wife, and his high-powered lawyers made her request a reality. The man gave his now ex-wife just three days to move out, so she spent the first day packing her belongings into boxes, crates, and suitcases. On the second day, she had movers come and collect her things. 


On the third and final day, she sat down for the last time at their beautiful dining room table by candlelight, put on some relaxing background music, and feasted on a delicious dinner: a pound of shrimp, a jar of caviar, and a bottle of white wine.


When she finished eating, she started to execute her plan. She went into every room and stuffed half-eaten shrimp shells dipped in caviar into the hollow of all of the curtain rods. Then, she cleaned up the kitchen and left the house.


When Jerald returned with his new girlfriend, the first few days were bliss. Slowly, however, the house began to smell. They tried everything – cleaning, mopping, opening the windows. Vents were checked for dead rodents, carpets were cleaned. Air fresheners were hung everywhere. Exterminators were brought in to set off gas canisters. The couple even tried replacing the expensive wool carpeting, but NOTHING WORKED.


People stopped coming over to visit. The repairmen refused to work in the house, and the maid quit. Out of ideas, the couple decided they couldn’t take the stench any longer and decided to move. A month went by, but they couldn’t find anyone who wanted to buy their stinky home. They even cut the price in half, but eventually word got out and the local realtors refused to return their calls. 


To escape the house, they were forced to borrow a huge sum of money from the bank to purchase a new one. Catherine called her ex-husband and asked how things were going, and he told her all about his ordeal with the putrid home. After listening politely, she said that she missed their old place and would be willing to reduce the divorce settlement in exchange for getting the house back.


Knowing she had no idea how bad the smell really was, Jerald agreed to sell Catherine the house for about 1/10th its original worth, but only if she would sign the papers that very day. She agreed, and within the hour his lawyers delivered the paperwork and the deal was done.


A week later, Jerald and his girlfriend stood smiling as they watched the moving company pack everything to take to their new home…INCLUDING THE CURTAIN RODS.


Looks like this woman scorned had the last laugh!

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