Legless Baby Is Abandoned At Birth. 16 Years Later, She Learns Her Real Identity… CHILLS

Jennifer Bricker was born without legs. As a result of this birth defect, her parents abandoned her the day she was born. Fortunately, a couple from Illinois found her, and they welcomed her into their family with open arms. The family raised Jennifer to be confident and strong, and they encouraged to make the best out of life.

Growing up, Jennifer had dreamed of becoming a gymnast. She had watched the performances and competitions on television, and she was fascinated by the sport. Her childhood hero was Dominique Moceanu, who is an acclaimed icon in the sport. Watching her on television, inspired Jennifer to make her own dreams of becoming a gymnast a reality.

With her adoptive family supporting her every step of the way, Jennifer persevered and overcame adversity to become a gymnastics champion at just seven-years-old.

Jennifer would go on to become a top athlete in her sport, but this is only one aspect of her amazing story. As she grew, Jennifer became more curious about her origins and wanted to learn more about her biological family.

That’s when she made a spine-tingling discovery. It’s unbelievable…

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