Kittens Found Wrapped Around Their Trembling Sister, Keeping Her Safe

Megan Sorbara, the president of Naples Cat Alliance, based out of Naples, Florida, went out for ice cream one hot summer day. She got a message about some kittens in need of help. Once Megan saw the tiny siblings, she knew that something was off.


She recalled that the tiny white kitten was trembling, and the two tabby kittens looked like they were trying to comfort her. As it turns out, the white kitten wasn’t able to walk on her own.


Megan scooped up the kittens and took them to Naples Cat Alliance for help. Megan said the white kitten has a very noticeable head tilt and had balance issues. She can roll to get where she wants to go and has a good appetite.


The kittens were named Praline and Pistachio (for the tabbies), and the white kitten was dubbed Coconut.


Megan is bottle feeding the furry babies around the clock. Megan hopes to be able to catch the mother cat so the kittens can rejoin her. They go out every night and put the trap out, but the mother hasn’t gone in yet.


Megan thinks that the mother cat has seen other cats go in the trap and knows to stay away from it. Until the momma cat is caught, Bitsy, Megan dog, has volunteered to be their foster mom.


Coconut is getting stronger and holds her head a little straighter. Bitsy encourages her to climb and stretch!


When the kittens are old enough, they will be put up for adoption. Follow Naples Cat Alliance on Facebook for updates!


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H/T: LoveMeowHeroviral, Image Credit: Naples Cat Alliance 



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