Her Kids Were RUDE To The Woman Who Served Them Their Dessert. How Mom Responds? This Is BRUTAL!

Most women would hate to have the title of the ‘meanest mom in the world,’ right? After all, when you’re a mother, you want your kids to see you as lovely, caring and friendly. Still, there is one woman out there who doesn’t care how her children see her. Recently, mom of three, Jaime Primak Sullivan, whipped ice creams right out of her kids’ hands and THREW them in the garbage. It sounds like the actions of a total monster, but there was actually a really good reason for her actions. Don’t believe me? Then read on…

As a parent, it’s important to teach your kids many things, but nothing is more valid than teaching them some basic manners! Recently, one mom posted this online.


In the seriously compelling Facebook post, she explained why she is officially the meanest mom in the world. And, I have to say, she did the right thing.

After she’d bought her three little ones an ice cream each, she waited for them to thank the woman at the counter. Nothing happened. And then… she waited some more. Nothing happened. And some more. When she’d had enough, she asked her kids to go outside and that’s when she taught them a very important lesson.

Here’s what the FULL post said: 

So… I am the meanest mom ever… Like… Ever.

Took the kids to Dairy Queen after dinner. They ordered their dessert choices and we waited about 5 minutes for them to call out our number. The young lady (maybe 17) handed each child their ice cream. Not one looked her in the eye. Not one said thank you. Not to her, not to me… So I waited. I counted to 10
in my head as they dug into their ice cream and the young lady just looked at me (probably because she thought I was hearing voices) and I watched as my children strolled out the door. I followed them outside where I calmly collected their ice creams and my kids watched in horror as I deposited them into the nearby garbage can. All 3 launched into mass hysteria. I waited. Quiet. Calm. When they realized I had something to say, they quieted down.
I explained that one day, if they were lucky, they would work a job like that young lady. And I would hope that people would see them. Really see them. Look them in the eye and say thank you. We are too old at 8/7/5 to move through our days without exercising manners and honestly basic human decency.
So today, I am the meanest mom in the world.

That is certainly the LAST time those kids will forget their manners. I’m not saying that this is the right way to show your children how to have manners, but it will definitely stick with them for years to come. Brilliant!

Here’s how you can teach your kids manners:

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