The Kid From ‘Kindergarten Cop’ Looks Very Different!

Although we all know Arnold Schwarzenegger for his intimidating muscle guy roles, there is one iconic film where he played an undercover cop masquerading as a kindergarten teacher. That movie was the 1990 film ‘Kindergarten Cop’.

Schwarzenegger may have been the lead, but the real star of the film was that kindergartener, Joseph. There was one scene that left people in fits of laughter and it was all thanks to this young boy.


When the ‘new teacher’ was introduced to the class, a little girl asked to go to the bathroom. Joseph randomly stands up and announces… the anatomical difference between girls and boys. The young boy probably had no idea what he was saying at the time but it was still pretty hilarious.

It has been almost 26 years since the film dropped so you’re probably wondering what the kid looks like now. Young Joseph was played by an actor named Miko Hughes. The man is still acting and is currently 30-years-old.


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