This man is asked to spit in a tube to test his DNA. What he finds out about himself, changes…

This world is a great big place, but, in many ways, it’s smaller than you think. Sure, there are thousands and thousands of miles that can separate us physically, but the people in each of those places tend to have more in common with each other than they realize. For centuries, people have fought over the things that make us different – religion, color, political ideology, or even just differences of opinion. That takes away focus from the things that make us the same – our love of family, a shared laugh, and a good meal (to name just a few).

Too often in life, we tend to develop certain biases that usually come with the environment and culture we were raised in. People are often distrustful of foreigners, for instance, even though that term is itself ironically confusing when used to define a country as diverse as America.

It’s easy to think of someone else as the “other” when your ideas of your own identity are clearly established in your head. But, what happens when your ideas about your own self are challenged? In this video, several participants take DNA tests to find out where they’re from. The results in many cases are both shocking and eye-opening.

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