The Internet Is Loving This Dad’s Daycare Wardrobe Fail

One dad’s outfit choice for his infant in daycare is going viral today, because he either has no idea what overalls are, or he’s watched one too many episodes of Hee Haw.

He sent his daughter out the door wearing an outfit that would get by no mom. His wife, Brooke Hawley-Basso, captured this hilarious exchange:


“Did you send Olivia to daycare without a shirt on?” mom asks, to which dad replies, “Uh, I sent her with that thing on.” Evading the question. Total parent move.

The best part of the post is all the people chiming in in the comment section to tell their own wardrobe fail stories:


We have that stuffed Yoda.




Oops. In his defense, Build-A-Bear wardrobes are pretty intricate.


Yup. No explanation for this one.


It’s like one of those 3-D posters they used to have in every mall. Only certain people can see the dolphin hiding in the puzzle. In this case, only moms can see when their kids are half-naked, apparently.

Not everyone saw the humor in it. There were plenty of women quick to point out that she should be “thankful” he was getting their daughter ready for daycare. Oh, whatever. We heap loads of praise on dads for doing the most benign things that moms never get credit for — like dressing kids, doing their hair, cooking, breathing — we can make fun of their parenting foibles occasionally.

Life is fair like that.

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