Intelligent People Stay Up Late, Are Messy And Love To Swear

How would you work out in case you’re a real life genius? Most likely there must be an approach to advise without sitting down and do a long arrangement of thinking and IQ tests?

Like most things, science has stepped in to help out. Looking at different research experiments, science nerds have managed to attribute certain unlikely behaviours with high intelligence

Does this imply my family and friends will quit berating me for being so bloody antisocial and weird?

1. You love to swear

Fed up of your mum telling you not to call your sister a jumped up little ***? A study published in Language Sciences Journal found that people who curse “have a greater vocabulary” than those who don’t, in addition to being “more articulate.” Shut your mouth mum.


2. Mess is your best friend

If you’re anything like me, mess is only mess when someone else sees it – to you it’s ‘organised chaos’. Researchers at the University of Minnesota had two groups brainstorm new uses for ping pong balls. They found that the group in messier conditions came up with the more creative ideas and were inspired to “[break] free of tradition.”


3. The sound of chewing drives you mad

It’s not something that particularly bothers me, but chewing is a major headache for some people. Apparently 20% of the world’s population has “misophonia,” or a high sensitivity to certain noises. Researchers has found that these people tend to be more creative thinkers than those who don’t suffer with the condition.


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