I Thought This Was An Ordinary Picture Of A Man. But When Camera Zoomed In, My Jaw DROPPED!

It is really amazing how brilliant minds create great masterpieces using the things that we normally don’t perceive as art materials. There are different kinds of creative artists in the world. There are artists who use body as canvas and create masterpiece, while there are artists who create art pieces through junk materials. This video below features one of such amazing art pieces which is sure to blow your mind. It is quite unique and mind blowing!

This following video features Ukrainian artist Zenyk Palahiuk who spent about 200 hours to put together a master piece for Justin Timberlake. He used a pencil, a hammer, 13 thousand nails, and 24 km of thread. The insane process and the mind blowing final outcome is sure to leave you staring at the screen.

Have you ever seen anything like this before? I’m totally amazed! Watch this video below and share your thoughts with us via comments!


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