I Thought It Was Strange When She Started Rolling This Candle In Salt. But The Reason? Brilliant!

It’s hard to believe, but it’s only 11 days until Christmas, and people are getting more and more frenzied about getting things done the way they like them to be.  Everyone has their own traditions,  but it can get pretty stressful as that perfectionism kicks in.

Thanks to the women at “What’s Up Moms” you are about to watch a video below, that offers you some amazingly easy and creative tips and activities, that will put the fun back into Christmas prep. They  have some uniquely creative holiday tips that anyone could benefit from using.

They offer two great and really attractive solutions for that moment when you run out of wrapping paper, that may be even nicer, and is sitting there right in your house!  Then there is that awful task of getting under your tree to water it every day; you won’t believe the simply great solution for that one!

They have come up with an advent calendar using a mini-muffin tin for the kids that will offer them a great surprise treat every day.  How about a way to hang your wreath over your door so that you can still open and close the door without a problem?  They’ve come up with a great invisible way to string lights over your mantle, to store ribbon, and great fun ornament ideas for the kids to make last minute.  My personal favorite is how they turn a simple pillar candle into beautiful SNOW CANDLES with epsom salt!!  This 2 minute tutorial is both fun to watch and unbelievably helpful.  Let us know which ones you like!

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