Hunters shocked to find civil war ammo in the oldest Gator in recorded history

A trio of Mississippi huntsmen found something strange in the tail of the massive Gator they had just killed. Small metal pellets that appeared to be musket balls were lodged deep under scar tissue near the animal’s tail. They sent the metal objects off for testing and researchers determined that not only were they musket balls, they were fired over 150 years ago. A series of metallurgical tests confirmed that the ammunition was authentic and likely fired from an Enfield pattern 1853 rifle-musket by Confederate troops near the start of the American Civil War.


Scientists examined the gator and determined it’s age to be roughly 185-years-old, an unprecedented discovery. The majority of American alligators usually only live to be 80 years old, but there are similar reptiles known to live well beyond the age of 150. Their catch is also one of the largest gators on record weighing in at an unbelievable 910 lbs.


(image source; World News Daily Report)


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