How To Poop At Work. This Is HYSTERICAL!

So, you’re at work and you suddenly feeling the urge to poop.

Maybe it was that extra cup of coffee this morning that pushed you over the edge. In any event we have all been there, and we all know the struggle. You have to be stealthy, and be able to cover your tracks to get away with it, it takes more skill than you might think.

If you don’t know how to go about your business on the the quiet then this guide was made for you. And although the video communicates some very serious issues, it is also HILARIOUS to watch. Once you get past the automated voice you will soon understand how relatable the video really is.

If you need relief, you need it fast, and it’s not healthy to hold it in.

Here’s a short guide with some tips on how to unload your load while at the workplace.



Watch the video here:

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