Their horse keeps disappearing, so they set up a camera to see why. When they record this?…

This Friesian Mare Mariska is very intent on getting out. She won’t let anything stand in her way. They kept noticing her out and about so they decided to record her.

One of the farm hands at Misty Meadows Farm said in the YouTube comments, “We just followed her around with a camera, she really does not care who is there or who watches, she has one goal in mind to get out and get the grain or the grass, she just hopes we will stay out of her way. We took this video a year ago for some friends who wanted to see it, never intended for so many to see it, and NO we did not train her to do this, trust me it keeps us very busy trying to outsmart her. We have back ups now for all of the doors you see in the video, if only we remember to put them in place.”


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