A Homeless Man Grabbed Her Baby. But, When He Says THIS To Mom? She BREAKS DOWN…

Homeless people are one of the most highly stereotyped groups in the United States. Many people are quick to judge them as lazy, freeloaders, and even a plague on society. In a vast majority of cases, people will make these judgements without even speaking to the person.

That unkempt looking man has a backstory that you don’t know about. He could be a veteran with PTSD who can’t find work due to his illness. He may have fallen on a series bad luck that caused him to lose his home.

There are hundreds of valid reasons why someone could be homeless. The default assumption for all homeless people should not be “lazy freeloader”. It’s just not fair to those who are genuinely struggling to get their life back in order.

Today, we’re going to share apowerful story with you. It features a homeless man, a baby, and two very judgemental parents. The story is a little long in terms of length but it is well worth your time.




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