Homeless employee wows undercover CEO, gets repaid in most beautiful way

During a pregnancy at 25-years-old, Angel lost her job and became homeless, but she absolutely never gave up hope for a brighter future. She then got a job in retail working as an associate for Modell’s Sporting Goods, where she unknowingly became a part of an episode of CBS’s show “Undercover Boss.” During the episode Mitchell Modell, CEO of Modell’s Sporting Goods, disguised himself as a new-hire, and Angel was the employee responsible for training him.

Modell was blown away by Angel’s dedication, enthusiasm, and amazing customer service from their very first interaction, but it’s when she shares her personal story as a form of encouragement that Modell really starts to understand how incredible of an employee she is. The impact that Angel had on Modell is profoundly touching, and at the end of the episode, Modell expressed his immense gratitude by giving Angel an unbelievable gift.

Modell explained that he was promoting Angel to an Assistant Manager position and that her salary would be raised by $14,000, but this was only the beginning. He choked up as he told Angel that he couldn’t bear the thought of knowing that she and her three children were living in a homeless shelter, so he gave her a check for $250,000, saying through his tears, “I want you to move out of there, like tonight.” 

During a follow-up episode for “Undercover Boss,” titled “Epic Employees,” the show once again caught up with Angel and Modell. An article for AOL Jobs reports that during the episode, Angel told Modell, “You have no idea the impact you’ve had on our lives,” after he visited her at her new home and brought brand new mattresses as gifts for her and her family. Angel said of having her own home, “Just to have my own keys — I am so excited.”

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